Saturday, May 28, 2011


This weekend is the Big One here in GP. Most communities have a big celebration that they call their own. Chicago has The Taste in July. Wenatchee has the Apple Blossom Festival. Medford has Pear Blossom. Spokane has Bloomsday. Seattle has Sea-Fair. GP has Boatnik.

There's a parade this morning that Mrs. Ref and The Kid are going to. I'm staying home. The weather is cold, gray and drizzly. I've already done my parade in the rain and am not inclined to do another. If the weather clears up, I might find the energy to wander downtown and catch some of the sights and sounds of the weekend. If not, then I'm happy to stay home on the couch watching softball and hoping for a lot of Pac-10 wins.


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