Tuesday, May 03, 2011


The recent post-Easter crud is subsiding and I'm slowly returning to full health. We are heading north again to visit the father-in-law and see how he's doing, as well as giving what little support to the mother-in-law as we can. But because of that, I'm avoiding the temptation to start exercising and riding the bike because I don't need a relapse of any disease while visiting. People on chemo don't appreciate hanging out with contagious people.

The final work on the downstairs damage is being done either Friday of this week or Monday of next. Work is also on schedule to repair the damage to the sacristy.

And, since I don't have to think about a sermon this week, I'm spending my time cleaning up some of those loose ends of paperwork that seem to always get pushed to the side to deal with "later."

And it's another gorgeous day in SWOR. Life is good.


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