Wednesday, June 29, 2011


After six years of being pestered by CREDO to attend one of their events, I finally agreed and signed up for one -- in Florida, of all places.

My rational was simple: I was either going to be in a position long enough where I thought it would be worthwhile, or I was going to be in a new place where it might be helpful. As it turned out, I am in a new place. I am a new rector of a larger congregation in a larger city; from what I've read, this is a good time to attend a CREDO conference.

My CREDO bag and binder arrived today. The bag is for, I'm assuming, all the obligatory conference stuff that will be handed out. The binder is chock full of information and assignments that "must be completed NO LATER THAN AUGUST 8" (emphasis in original).

So, I'll be in the middle of Florida in the middle of September for a CREDO conference.

I wish I could say I was excited.


~**Dawn**~ | 3:29 PM, June 29, 2011  

Ya know...there's nothing wrong with Florida. ;-) Although September is still very much Summer in these parts. They should have picked sometimes from November through March.

Reverend Ref + | 4:29 PM, June 29, 2011  

If I remember right, this was the one that fit my schedule best -- including thinking about weather.

My options were:
Prescott, AZ in May (too early)
Solomon, LA in June (umm . . . no)
Healdsburg, CA in June (scheduling conflict)
Live Oak, FL in September (doable)
Back in CA in November (did not want to be gone right before Advent)

I'm okay with the time and place I picked (I hope), but I wish it was on a beach.

The Lovely Wife | 1:44 PM, July 02, 2011  

if I'm reading between the lines correctly, my interpretation of this post is Credo in Sept in Florida = Id rather be doing a football game.

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