Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The importance of spelling

I have been called a human spell check on more than one occasion. I was never very good in English (never understood, for instance, why it was necessary to diagram a sentence) and I still have trouble knowing the difference between adverbs and adjectives or what exactly is meant by perfect past tense. But for some reason, I write and spell exceedingly well. Mrs. Ref, not so much.

I have been trying to extol the importance of spelling and good grammar, especially in written form, to The Kid ever since I can remember. Tonight that lesson just may have paid off.

I was helping her with her first resume as she sets out to try and find a job (because now that she's 18, we're collecting rent -- not really). She had a mock resume that she had to do for one of her classes while we were still in Montana. It wasn't bad for a first effort.

However, I did point out to her that if you don't want people to think you're stupid, it would be a good idea to probably not mention that you were involved in the Achidemic Olympics.

Hopefully lesson learned.


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