Thursday, June 02, 2011

It's all about timing

My very first day on the job here is really just a blur. Well, actually, most of the first two weeks here is one big blur of activity as I tried to get settled in, meet people and deal with all kinds of things coming across my desk and through my office.

On that first day, the secretary and another volunteer came to me with the cremains of one George T.

"We were cleaning out the chapel and found George tucked away behind the altar. What would you like us to do with him?"

After ascertaining a few facts (1. his funeral service was held in August of 2006; 2. there was no family information or contact information listed in our books or with the cremains), I made probably my first executive decision of my tenure: "Let's scatter him in the rose garden."

Almost EXACTLY six months later, I received a call from his daughter who wanted to schedule a service in July to scatter his ashes.

I informed her that we have already taken care of that.


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