Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rocks of faith

When I first moved to the little town and smaller church in SW Montana, one of my first big projects was to get them to allow me to install a labyrinth in the yard. It wasn't gorgeous, but it was functional, and it was big. I used a ton (well, maybe a quarter ton) of rocks from the local tailing piles to lay it out. I took a picture of it and it's somewhere on my blog.

It actually got a fair amount of use from both parishioners, townsfolk and passersby.

Shortly after I left, the congregation saw fit to remove that labyrinth (something about mowing the yard). It may return again someday in a better form, who knows.

In today's mail was one of those "if it fits, it ships" boxes from the USPS that weighed more than it should have. When I opened it up, there was one of the rocks from the labyrinth with the signatures of the majority of my former parishioners.

Rocks of faith, indeed.


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