Saturday, July 02, 2011


The girls are still asleep. It's too early for a baseball game. The NFL is still locked out. The NBA is also locked out (not crying about that, though). And there's a lot of "Paid Programming" on at the moment.

I turned on ESPN and found the USA vs. Columbia in the Women's FIFA World Cup. I'm not a big soccer fan, but, hey, it's better than watching a whole program on the Amazing Slice-O-Matic, or how to Recession Proof Your Home (all for 3 easy payments of 39.95 . . . unless I order RIGHT NOW and have one payment removed).

So anyway . . . I'm watching this futbol game. The U.S. has already had two good scoring chances and missed them both (and they have scored once while I was writing this post). There's also this thing called "Offside." This is illegal and apparently happens when an offensive player moves between the goal and the last defender before the ball is kicked by a teammate. That offside line is constantly moving, and the line judge has to really pay attention to the defenders, attackers and ball placement. And, in my limited knowledge/experience of the game, this seems to be the cause of most controversy.

It seems to me that soccer/futbol/the beautiful game/whatever you want to call it, would be much improved if they had a blue line. That would be so much easier to officiate and remove the ambiguous line that line judges have to deal with now. They should also add a second referee, because, really, a soccer field is a HUGE piece of real estate for one person to cover.


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