Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Some Bad News and Some Good News

Bad News: The front doors of the church were graffiti'd with an inverted pentagram and "Save me from the Angels" written all around it.

I called the police just because. They sent out an investigator who took pictures and asked that I call her back with a damage estimate for her report. I had my sexton sand off the "art" and sent out an e-mail to the vestry: Problems vs. Opportunities - the problem of vandalism can be seen as an opportunity to paint the doors red. We'll see what they say.

The good news in all this was that the vandalism didn't include any vulgarity or racial/religious slurs. If you're going to get "tagged," this was the way to do it.

Good News: I heard from another guy in the football pool this evening. He told me again about the informational meeting and answered several questions I had about the area and pool. In general, it sounds like they've got a good group.

So . . . Are you ready for some football??


MadPriest | 8:14 AM, July 14, 2011  

The "Save me from the angels" was me.
Sorry. Sometimes it all gets too much.

Padre Mickey | 8:25 PM, July 15, 2011  

I knew it was that guy!

Katharine | 12:47 AM, July 21, 2011  

Red doors are nice.

I've got my football schedule loaded into my phone calendar and I'm almost counting the days! Yay for high school sports!!!

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