Thursday, August 11, 2011

Football Stuff

I attended my very first football meeting here in OR this evening. For the most part, I'm impressed with the group. It seems to be a good bunch of guys, and they seem to have their stuff in order. I began in rookie school (required for all new and incoming officials), then we transitioned into the regular meeting which essentially meant going over registration, handing out packets to those of us who are registered, and other housekeeping for the season.

The good news is that we are underway, I'm registered, and things seem to be clicking.

The bad news is that they are going to wear those damn black pants for every varsity game (sad goodbye to the white knickers), they wear black shorts for sub-varsity games when it's hot, and in my new packet of rules book and case book there was one (count it . . . ONE) official's patch. Hmm . . . three shirts, one patch.

Time to go buy some velcro.


Jane Ellen+ | 8:59 AM, August 13, 2011  

Is it not possible to buy extra patches? The Velcro thing is one solution, but I'd be forever concerned that I'd grab the wrong shirt going out the door, or forget to put it back in the bag or some such.

Reverend Ref + | 10:39 AM, August 13, 2011  

No, it is not possible to buy new patches. Unlike WA and MT where there was one state patch, you were issued two, and you could purchase extra for a small fee, OR issues a new patch every year. So my patch this year says OSAA 2011 Football Official.

And the concern about grabbing the wrong shirt going out the door . . . well . . . that's why I pack the night before a game. I'm kind of organized that way.

So I'll put Velcro on every shirt and the back of the patch, and the patch will live in the section of my gear bag where I keep my flags, beanbags, whistles etc.

Problem solved. :-)

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