Friday, November 23, 2012


It's the Big Rivalry Weekend:  UW-WSU; UO-OSU; UA-ASU; ND-USC; UF-FSU; UG-GT; and on and on and on.

The Apple Cup is being played today at 12:30 PST.  I will miss it because Mrs. Ref and I will be on the road to a quiet little beach town for a couple of days.  Normally I'd be rather upset about this, but . . . hey . . . let's be realistic -- the Cougars are going to lose by 35 at home to the Dawgs.

Where I live now, the big game is the Civil War between the Ducks and the Beavers.  I didn't know until just this morning, but they play for the Platypus Trophy.  Who knew?

There's a good article in today's NYT about this game and it's history.  If you've got time, give it a read.

Enjoy the games, enjoy the leftovers, and have a good Thanksgiving weekend.


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