Saturday, January 05, 2013


So all the girls are gone.

Mrs. Ref and The Kid headed up to Portland today where they dropped off Emma at the airport for her flight back to school, and then the two of them plus The Kid's friend are staying in the city for the day.  They will catch a matinee of "The Book of Mormon."

Which leaves me in the house alone watching football games (currently watching the FCS National Championship game between NDSU and Sam Houston and rooting for NDSU) and playing on the computer (life's tough).

While I was noodling around online, I came across some youtube clips of Styx and the Contemporary Youth Orchestra of Cleveland.  Yep . . . Styx and a youth orchestra.  Here are a couple of clips for you, and then you, too, can head over to youtube and spend the day watching the rest of them.

First, Miss America.  This was never my favorite Styx song, but it goes well with the CYO:

And second, for my friend Tripp, Boat on the River, for no other reason than Tommy Shaw is playing the mandolin:

And finally, the interview about how it came about and the show:


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