Monday, February 11, 2013

Football is Life

I often say the above -- Football is life -- because, from where I sit, it so often seems to be true.  There is hope and energy, love gained and lost, struggle and reward, opportunities made and squandered, exultation and heartache, and often much more and all in the space of a 60- or 48-minute game.

Sometimes the game doesn't seem fair.  Sometimes it seems like the powers-that-be are out to get you.  Most of the time the better team wins, but not always.

Football is life.  And one thing I've noticed is that the teams with the better attitude -- positive coaching, players who play without whining, teams that show no signs of infighting -- are the teams that, more often than not, come away victorious.

I really couldn't put all of that into words until just now.  An internet friend forwarded me a link from a SportsCenter spot a few weeks ago that I had somehow missed.  Football is life; and in life, as in the game, it's the attitude that counts.


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