Friday, February 01, 2013


I must have caught something from Lady Anne, because I've been less-than-healthy ever since I read her post (I Hab a Code).  Luckily I had to only endure two days at work with it and I can spend most of today resting.

I did, however, have to drag myself to Morning Prayer.  But because I'm sick and feeling rather thick-headed, I managed to walk out the door without my watch.

Morning Prayer starts at 7:15 and we are always finished between 7:40 and 7:45 (yes, my referee gene for punctuality tends to get used a lot here).

Nothing I could do but to go through the service using my "this feels about right" liturgical intuition.

After the service, I immediately checked the clock.



And now I have a date with the couch.


Lady Anne | 12:36 PM, February 01, 2013  

Boy! If you have this crud, I do feel sorry for you. It is very contagious - The Squire seems to have gotten it in spite of sleeping in the guest room - but I didn't think it could spread THAT easily. Gives a whole new meaning to "going viral".

Good luck to you and Mrs. Ref.

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