Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Coming Home . . . Again

I had that conversation with a former parishioner yesterday. 

To recap:  He used to attend at my current parish until the ordination of Gene Robinson.  That election was the reason several people in this congregation became former members of this congregation.

Due to several reasons, he is now looking to come back to this congregation, and his pressing question was whether or not gay people were allowed to get married in the church.

The answer to that question is, "No . . . "

He wasn't interested in the ". . . ." part of the answer, just in the, "No."  And because the answer was no, he's willing to return to the church.

Now, before you jump on him, he did indicate that he wanted to "get over his antipathy toward gay people," and he thought I just might be able to help him with that.  I told him that we'd take this one question at a time, as often and as long as he wanted to pursue it.

There's hope there.  We'll see where this particular journey goes.


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