Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Stupid . . .

Next post down you'll see the post about a local parish using the death of Superman for their cover art on the Palm Sunday bulletin.

A blog friend of mine saw that and forwarded me some information about a local parish in her neck of the woods that has the Superman bulletin beat.  Apparently,

One of the other churches in the triparish is celebrating Easter just a bit differently. Throughout Lent, they have been taping prayers to a wooden cross and on Sunday they are going to have themselves a cross burning to send those prayers to heaven. You can imagine my reaction to this piece of nonsense! I can't believe that neither of the ministers nor anyone else saw any kind of insensitive bullshit in this action. As you might guess, the race here is quite vanilla but really!

Now I've heard of people writing down their sins and laying them at the foot of a cross and walking away.  I've participated in writing down sins, placing them in a large bowl and then burning them.

But never have I heard of attaching sins to a cross and setting the cross on fire.


I thank God I'm an Episcopalian with good liturgical sense.  And I thank God I have good friends who, if they were to hear about such nonsense, would come beat me within an inch of my life.



Anonymous | 8:07 AM, March 29, 2013  

Not to mention a parent!

Anonymous | 8:08 AM, March 29, 2013  

Not to mention a parent!

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