Tuesday, March 12, 2013

WOW . . .

I just had a serious tinfoil hat come through my office.  Let's see if I can recap for you:

He wanted to pray for the Catholic church and Benedict, but the Catholic church was closed because they run it like a business because the radioactive rays that were being put in the atmosphere by the 1947 satellite were melting the polar ice caps because of the heat trapped in the atmosphere that couldn't escape because the VanAllen belt had been replaced with a nuclear cloud generated by NASA which in turn caused previously dead radio towers to begin working at transmitting data from the drug war that destroyed families because DSHS took children away from parents so they could indoctrinate them into the government's thought-denial program which is seen in the fact the librarians are hiding and removing books about this.

He also showed me a video on his camera that proved the sun was pulsating with man-made radiation showering the earth with deadly beams to turn it into Venus by 2025 and if people were less worried about their 401k and more worried about Jesus showing them the way to enlightenment we wouldn't have these problems.

Or something like that.  I'm sure I missed something critical.

And this is why I'm scared to open my office door in the afternoon when people knock on it.


Lady Anne | 11:51 AM, March 13, 2013  

Seriously, he didn't tell you about the aliens the government had brought down to start up a new genealogy line? We used to have a homeless fellow wander through the church office from time to time, and give us that spiel. He also tried to convince us that we had to vacate the property because it belonged to his family. The church was erected in 1805.

It isn't that it TAKES all kinds. The problem is that we HAVE all kinds.

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