Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Back and Being "Single"

I had my long-anticipated appointment for my back today.  The short story is:

It went relatively well;
I have no constriction of the nerves in and around the spinal cord;
I have more arthritis than I was previously led to believe;
I have some minor disc issues;
I have a more pronounced spinal curvature than is normal for someone my age;
There really isn't anything the neurosurgeon can do for me since he doesn't see surgery as a viable option;
Therefore -- I'm stuck with what I've got for the rest of my life.

I was given some information on exercises/stretches that he thought might help.

Nobody ruled out acupuncture.

After the appointment, Mrs. Ref headed north to our former home town with a friend.  The friend is attending some kind of business class/seminar thing, and Mrs. Ref offered to go with her as a traveling companion where she will visit some of her long-time friends while the traveling companion is locked up in classes all day.  They will also get to do some sightseeing, since the friend has never been there.  Mrs. Ref is looking forward to playing tour guide while there.

I will be living on mass quantities of leftovers for the next six days.  And if I run out, I know where all the good restaurants are.


Susan Lee | 1:14 PM, April 14, 2013  

Plus all your parishioners who want to fatten you up! Even if some of them will be out of town while RevWife is on this trip.

Reverend Ref + | 6:51 PM, April 14, 2013  

Luckily, there are no parishioners who want to fatten me up -- especially since the scale at the doctor's is, I'm sure, a good 8 lbs. off.

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