Thursday, August 22, 2013

That was hard

At the end of every football season, the association I am now affiliated with conducts elections to its board.  And at the end of last season I found myself nominated and elected to the board.

We deal with general run of the mill stuff:  Are the bylaws up to date; how much do we want to pay our commissioner; how can we get more of our officials certified for playoffs; that kind of stuff.

But there was an incident involving one of our own last year in which this year's board had to make a decision.  I can't go into the details of the incident, or of the actual decision here, but in short we had to decide to reinstate him, reinstate him on a probationary basis, or suspend him for this season.

It was a difficult conversation and a difficult decision.  But I'm happy to say that I serve on a board that makes well-deliberated decisions.

And in less hard news -- I'm attending two scrimmages this weekend and games begin next Friday.  Woot!


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