Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Trying not to look stupid

Our DOK chapter decided they wanted to do a Quiet Day, and they asked me to lead it.

I figured I needed a better option than telling a bunch of women, "Okay . . . let's see if you all can refrain from talking for the next five hours."

So I put together an agenda for the day and hope it looks like I know what I'm doing.

Because even though I understand they want me to be their pastor and guide them on this journey, it's really all about me not looking stupid.

I wonder if that's the REAL Jesus Prayer:  Dear Father in Heaven, please don't let me look stupid.


Patience | 1:40 AM, October 30, 2013  

Heh. Thinking about it, I'm pretty sure most prayers boil down to something similar. Don't let me look stupid, don't let me screw this up, and so on.

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