Saturday, November 02, 2013

Reason Number (You Pick the Number) Why Sports Announcers Annoy Me

This morning I came into the office because 1) Mrs. Ref was on a plane to Hawaii, and 2) Nothing says clean like company -- and since the bishop is coming ....

I rolled out of here around 1 p.m., got home and started looking for a game.  This is what happened when the TV came on:

Announcer 1:  The officials are discussing the flag and it looks like they've made their decision.

Referee:  Personal foul, number 25, defense.  Fifteen yards, automatic first down.

Announcer 1:  So he gets away without being ejected and is hit only with a personal foul.

Announcer 2:  I don't understand that.  He should have been ejected for targeting.  You'll see on the replay that he clearly launches himself at the receiver after the ball is well past.  One ... two steps, a launch and a hit.  That is textbook targeting and he should have been ejected.  I mean ... I don't know how else you would define that.

Announcer 1:  It looked to me, though, like he hit the receiver in the back, not in the head.  So maybe that was the reason.

Another replay ....

Announcer 2:  You are right.  He did launch, but he hit the receiver in the back, below the head and with his shoulder.  That was a good job by the officials to get that one right.

Me:  I am not listening to stupid announcers -- as I surf for another game.


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