Friday, December 27, 2013

Football Bag Take 2

So a few weeks ago I bought a new football bag and I was all excited about it.  When I was finally allowed to open my Christmas gift to myself, I discovered that it wasn't exactly what I wanted.

And since I'm sort of particular about my equipment, I sent it back.  I will be getting a full refund, but I had to pay for shipping.  Ish.

Anyway . . . I spent all day yesterday once again shopping online for a new bag.  I was a little more careful as I looked and researched for what I wanted. 

I settled on this one:  (sorry about not being able to figure out how to put the picture up here).

It has eight pockets in what LOOK like they are the right sizes and in the right locations.  It's also due to arrive on Epiphany.

We'll see how wise I was in my choice of this gift.


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