Saturday, January 04, 2014

FCS Championship

So I'm watching the FCS Championship Game (formerly Div. 1-AA) between North Dakota State and Towson.

Unfortunately neither Montana nor Eastern Washington is playing, so I'm rooting for NDSU.

Currently (as I'm typing this) there is about 6 minutes left in the first quarter and the field that they are playing on (in Frisco, TX) is absolutely horrible.  Turf is coming up in huge chunks and the sand base is being spread all over.  You can see the divots looking at the field.

For a national championship game to be played on that kind of field is pathetic.

If I were on the board of the FCS, or the head or something, I would be looking to move the national championship game to a different location.

Seriously, I work on better fields at most high schools.

Okay -- Rant over.

Go Bison!


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