Friday, January 03, 2014

New Bag

So, the new bag came today.  It looks like this (except black):

 It's better than the first one I ordered, but it's still not "the perfect bag."  But for about $30, it'll do.  And I'll get used to it.

My one real gripe is that I thought there was a larger pocket that ran the length of the bag just under those top two.  As it turns out, that's the opening to the main compartment.  So there really isn't a spot for my shoes.  I'll have to pick up a shoe bag now, since I've lost a spot for those.

But on the whole, it should do nicely.  All of my other gear fits nicely into the other pockets and is evenly distributed so that I'm not forced to store the "extras" with the "regulars."  It's also a little taller than my previous bag.  That lets me put more clothes in (which is nice), but also allows for stuff to slide all over the place if it's not full.  This will be more of a problem earlier in the season when I carry less clothing.

And it rolls.  So for now, I'm generally happy with it.  And in about eight months I can start using it regularly!


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