Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I am weak

I am apparently seriously lacking in self-control.

I received an e-mail from a certain supplier about three weeks ago stating that they had FREE SHIPPING during the month of January.  Anything and everything purchased this month would be shipped for free (I suppose that's redundant).

I don't actually NEED anything from this supplier.

But, with all of the big games being played over the past three weeks, the search for and arrival of my new bag, and the remembrance that I finally had to replace a particular piece of equipment because the original broke, I caved and placed an order.

I now have three new whistles being shipped to my house.  Why three?  Because 1) my spare neck whistle is no longer my spare (replacing the one that finally broke) and it's always a good idea to have an extra whistle with your gear; 2) my finger whistle is almost as old as the whistle that broke (so, 17 years) and it's probably due to break, and I need to have a spare one of those on hand; and 3) I also picked up an extra (cheap) neck whistle to have on hand in case a crew member forgets his/hers at a game.

New bag, new whistles . . . is it football season yet?


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