Saturday, January 18, 2014

Tax Time

So, yeah . . . I'm starting to work on my taxes.  This isn't the most fun time for people, and I have enough doubts about stuff that I'm willing to pay an accountant.

Every year I've been in my current location he has sent me a worksheet to go through in order to make sure that it all comes out right.  It has lots of questions I understand, lots of questions I don't really understand (so I offer my best-guess answer) and places for backup documentation (which I'm getting better at).

Anyway . . . The first box of information has information about my personal life:

Last Name -- Ref
First Name -- Reverend
SSN -- On File
Occupation -- Minister
Work Phone -- 123-456-7890
Cell Phone -- 123-654-0987
E-mail -- reverendref at email dot com
Birthdate -- Awhile Ago

All of those are already in his system.  Then we get to the part where I have to start checking boxes.  And the VERY FIRST question is this:

Blind ........ Yes ___     No ___

Does being a referee allow me to check YES?


Lady Anne | 8:50 PM, January 18, 2014  

Are you blind? Check yes or no? That's right up there with the signs that say "If you are illiterate, call 124-456-7890"

BTW, I got an overdraft notice on my mom's account. She's been dead two years.

Reverend Ref + | 2:45 PM, January 19, 2014  

I also thought of the Braille pads at the drive-through windows.

"Who's letting blind people drive??"

Lady Anne | 4:42 PM, January 19, 2014  

I saw in the paper a few weeks ago that Iowa either had, or was considering, allowed the blind to apply for a concealed carry permit.

You drive, I'll shoot.

Reverend Ref + | 9:14 PM, January 19, 2014  

Because, you know, blind people have ninja-like accuracy from their highly developed other senses.

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