Thursday, April 24, 2014

Lose some, win some

I hadn't seen parishioners B&C since coming back from vacation.  I paid them a visit, but nobody was home, so I left my card in the door.

The next day my Sr. Warden informed me she had received a call from them where they unloaded on her all that was wrong with the church and with me.  That changed my reason for visiting.

Paid two more visits, still nobody home.  Made a phone call.  No answer.  Made another phone call and left a message.  Got a call back saying they've moved on, don't bother visiting.

It's sort of detailed, but the short answer is that my sermons preaching equality and "all means all" were too political, and my abandoning the parish during Lent was simply too much for them to deal with.  They've moved on.

I received a phone call during Holy Week from a man verifying the time of the Good Friday service and asking if non-church members were allowed to attend.  I verified that yes, everyone was welcome.  Then I went home and told Mrs. Ref, "I'll believe it when I see it."  Meaning, of course, that I've had many calls over the years from people promising to come to a service but never showing up.

He showed up.  Along with his friend who is suffering from Huntington's disease.

He also showed up for the 6 a.m. Easter Vigil.

And he showed up today for Morning Prayer.

Where this will all lead, I have no idea; but the cycle continues.


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