Friday, June 13, 2014

Christianity Today lets the rapist speak

There's a huge dust-up going on about the Christianity Today/Leadership Journal piece from a former youth pastor turned child rapist turned prisoner turned whiner.

I will link to several articles for you to read because they cover everything much better than I could.  In short, a youth pastor raped one of his students, blamed the situation on his wife (for not supporting him at home), called the rape "consensual," and has now been published by CT/LJ as a "cautionary tale" without once acknowledging that the GUY IS A RAPIST.

And, as you would expect, CT/LJ is doing some damage control -- of the "we regret that we may have made you feel bad" type of crap without actually taking responsibility for their lack of responsibility in giving this guy a platform.  They are also, in all-too-often church form, circling their wagons to defend their position.

So, if you have a CT subscription, you may want to consider canceling.  I don't, but I did remove their link from my blogroll.

Here are the links:

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