Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Umpires are not Vampires

Sports officials are not always the most loved people around.  We get yelled at and booed on a regular basis and, according to conventional officiating wisdom, we're doing a good job if half the people are unhappy.  Some of the things I've heard are unrepeatable.  Some of them are borderline humorous, such as:

"If you had another eye, you'd be a cyclops!"
"Your socks are too tight -- they're cutting off the circulation to your brain!"
At an 8th grade game:  "Is there instant replay?"

And, of course, in some of the more extreme, soccer officials are occasionally killed.

However, I've never heard of umpires being compared to vampires -- until now.


Lady Anne | 2:08 PM, June 26, 2014  

Is he actually suggesting players make their own calls? I can just imagine the "self expression" that would encourage! It ought to make vampires look pretty good by comparison.

Reverend Ref + | 8:00 PM, July 11, 2014  

No ... The deal was that John McEnroe suggested tennis do away with umpires and let the players make their own calls. Once this guy figured out he had misunderstood, he said, "Oh no ... I don't agree at all. We need the umpires."

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