Friday, August 08, 2014

We don't need no stinkin' day off

Or something like that.

I had told the family of the Friday funeral that they could begin dropping things off at the church at 11:30.  The DOK group got into the church around the same time to begin setting up for the funeral, as well as members of my awesome Altar Guild.

I got in closer to noon as I was working on getting three loads of laundry done, showered and shaved and dressed for the day.

The funeral went well (thank God for the BCP) and the sermon didn't suck.  The reception was great and everyone had a good time chatting and sharing memories.  I got home around 3 by the time it was all over.

Mrs. Ref and our eldest daughter went out shopping today and were due back around 5.  So I had the perfect opportunity for a good little nap.  Uh-huh . . .

Until the alarm company called.  I refrained from having the cops dispatched and went down to check things out.  A woman I've helped before had managed to break in (it apparently didn't take that much effort) and was rummaging through the food box.  It also turns out that she's running from her abusive husband.

So we are currently working with a variety of women's advocacy/shelter groups to get her taken care of.

Day off?  Right.


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