Friday, October 31, 2014

Humorous Hankies

In a former Association years ago, we always had an end-of-the-year banquet for the officials.  We generally had a good time, and it was kind of a nice way to say "Thanks" to our wives for allowing us to play.

The highlight of the evening was always the awards.  These were generally presented to officials who had something funny happen to them during the season.  There were also a couple of "serious" awards that were given out. 

One of our officials was a school teacher and he got the woodshop kids to cut, paint and put together awards in the shape of an official and stood upright like an Oscar.  I managed to collect three of the serious awards while I was there and one funny one.

When I moved to Montana, our group did no such thing, we were just too small.

But now that I'm here, and with a larger group, there is an end-of-the-year banquet.  My first was in 2011, but they did not do any awards.  I inquired about this and was told that they used to do them, but then people sort of got burned out, and nobody really did it anymore.

I decided to fix that.

Instead of the Oscar/Official thing (because that's too much work), I created plaques.  It's basically a piece of wood cut to a certain size, spray painted green with white yard lines, an RVFOA logo at midfield, "Humorous Hanky" and year at the top, a little yellow flag glued on it, and the name of the award at the bottom.  I get the wood and have it cut to size at a home improvement place, spray paint them and paint the yard lines.  Mrs. Ref handles the writing and flags.  Oh, I also drill a small hole in the back so they can hang it on their wall.

This will be the third year we've done it and, in good Episcopalian parlance, it is now an established tradition.  I have fun doing it and I think the other officials enjoy seeing them get handed out -- mainly because there are no shortage of nominations throughout the year.


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