Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Home Again

Last Thursday the Ref Family drove up to Salem.  I had to be there for our annual diocesan convention.  While I attended to business on Thursday evening and Friday morning, Mrs. Ref and The Kid hung out at the hotel.

Friday morning I introduced the nominees for a variety of diocesan positions.  I was on the ballot for Standing Committee.  After voting, the bishop of the Diocese of Idaho made his keynote presentation.  I don't know the man, but he was very good and I think I would enjoy serving under him.  We then broke for Eucharist.

All in all, that was okay.  Things went relatively well, there were only a few minor glitches.  But I gotta tell you, I'm not a big fan of jazz Eucharists.

Immediately after the service, the family headed out for our long drive to Mrs. Ref's mom's house for the funeral.  If you missed it, my grandmother-in-law died and her service (which I officiated) was this past Saturday.  Due to weather, we arrived late Friday.

During the trip, I was informed that I did not win the election for Standing Committee.  And that was not disappointing news.

Also during the trip, I did some low-level evangelism.  We stopped for lunch at a fast food place and, while standing in line, a worker who was on her break said, "You're a priest, aren't you?"  (I hadn't changed before leaving the convention)

I affirmed I was, and she said, "I need to find a priest to confess my sins and stuff and get right with God."  We chatted for a bit, she got her lunch, I got ours and we ate.  Before I left, though, I gave her one of my business cards with some key words to google for an Episcopal church in the area.  Who knows?  It might work.

Saturday was taken up with the funeral and family things.

Sunday we drove home.  The roads weren't nearly as bad as they were Friday, so we got home at a decent hour.

Monday I was back on the road to a meeting in Cottage Grove.

And today I'm attempting to get caught up with everything that's piled up over those few days:  vestry agenda, bulletins, Christmas music, and drop in visits.

And that's how I've spent my last few days.  Advent is two weeks away.


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