Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Time stamped

I realize that not everyone enjoys football as much, or in the same way, that I do.  I also realize that not everyone watches games like I do -- a side effect of being an official, I'm sure.

So I'm not surprised, nor offended, when I invite someone to watch a game and they have no desire to sit out in the cold and/or ugly weather for the sole reason to watch me run around the field.  Mrs. Ref often did that early in our marriage, but she has since become much more discriminating as to when she will actually attend a game in person.  After all, why go to a game in bad weather and listen to the surrounding fans scream at your husband for being an ignorant fool when she can do the same thing in the comfort of her own home while listening to the local radio broadcast?

With that said . . . I posted a link to my last game (a first round playoff game) and invited people to watch it, totally forgetting that people have different ideas of what constitutes "viewing pleasure."  After a suggestion from a friendly reader, I have managed to time-stamp the parts of the game where you could, if so desired, watch me flit around the field doing my thing.

All you need to do is go to the comment section, look at the times I've listed, and then go to that part of the video.  Most of them are rather boring, but there are a few times (a pass interference call, a measurement, a personal foul -- and a whole lot of me under the uprights) that will give you an idea of how I spend my Friday nights during the season.

I'll post more playoff information as it becomes available.


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