Saturday, January 24, 2015

Busy, busy, terribly busy ....

Yesterday, Friday, I spent the day in a small northern town with a group of inter-denominational clergy dudes discussing preaching.  It's an ongoing CE group that meets roughly once a month to discuss preaching and other aspects of ministry.  The group is coming together and I'm enjoy my time with them.

When I got home, Mrs. Ref and I then spent a long evening over some really good pizza with my Canon to the Ordinary (C2O).  She was down in the southern part of the diocese hammering out a contract with a facility nearby for our upcoming diocesan convention.  It's been a very long time since convention was held in these parts for two reasons: 1) there really isn't an adequate facility for conventions in this part of the state (business idea -- if you want to invest in a convention center in southern Oregon that would serve people between Roseburg and Redding, you would probably do fairly well); and 2) people in Portland don't like coming down here because, "It's tooooo faaahhhrrrr."

But, the diocese will hold convention here anyway.  Now it's all about the details.  So besides discussing that, we just had a nice chat in general.

Today there's a PEO thingy (they don't talk to men, so it's a big secret) at the church this morning, and then at 2 is the funeral for our organist.  When I got home from the CE gathering yesterday afternoon, there was a message on my phone saying that the organist's widow was in a roll over car accident.  Ish.

I talked with her this morning and, other than the car being totaled, everyone is fine.  Which is good, because I really don't want the experience of doing a double funeral.

And finally, tomorrow is the annual parish meeting.  That will be interesting in all sorts of ways.

But now, I've got the last load in the dryer before the funeral, and I need to go make myself presentable.


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