Thursday, April 02, 2015

Living at Church

It's the morning of Maundy Thursday.  For me, like for all other clergy, I am going over the final touches for the dinner/service tonight, both Good Friday services tomorrow, the Holy Saturday service and the two services on Easter.  It seems I will be living at the church for the next 96 or so hours.

In my case, though, it might be more true than metaphorical.

Yesterday our pipes decided to back up into the downstairs shower and bathroom floor.  To make it more fun, anytime we run water anywhere in the house, it shows up in the bathroom.  So . . . that means not using the dishwasher, kitchen sink, upstairs sinks or any toilet.

This is sort of like my very first Holy Week here when the sewer line for the parish caused problems and we needed to do a major repair job.

Yes, we've called the landlady.  Yes, she said she will call someone this morning.  But when I came in for Morning Prayer today, I brought along towels and bathroom bag.

At least for today I am living at the church.


Lady Anne | 3:25 PM, April 02, 2015  

Why do these things always happen on holidays or weekends? Something cosmic? At least you do have a second home, of a sort.
Good luck!

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