Wednesday, June 10, 2015

You want who???

For some time now I've written a short meditative piece for the congregation and a few others that are on our e-mail list.  I do this in time for it to be sent out on Wednesdays and, as such, I call it "The Wednesday Word."

There's a link to it over there on the right if you're interested.

Anyway, these are just short little things that I send out hoping they will be inspiring or insightful or offer the right words when someone needs them.

One of the people on our e-mail list is a retired priest from CA who took a half-time gig for a couple of small congregations in the Diocese of Quincy.  He's been around far longer than I have and he has way more connections than I'll probably ever have.

Apparently one of those connections works at The Living Church and they asked him if he would be willing to participate, or if he knew of anyone who might be willing to participate, in a daily reflection based on the Offices.  This would sort of be like an online version of Forward Day by Day.

He recommended me.

So I have been in conversation with a guy at TLC about this project and it looks like it might take shape and become a reality sometime after General Convention.  So, yeah . . . look for me to embarrass myself on the national stage in a few short months.


Lady Anne | 8:16 PM, June 11, 2015  

That is wonderful news! Quite an honor. Congratulations.

Anonymous | 8:26 AM, June 21, 2015  

Agreed! I'm very proud.

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