Thursday, July 23, 2015

Back in Montana

Mrs. Ref and I traveled back to Montana yesterday.  This is part vacation and part celebration for an ordination.

When I was Vicar of Christ Church, a deacon showed up to service one Sunday.  Her daughter had just become the vet for the valley, and she and her husband were looking at some vacation housing to spend time with their grandkids.  Turns out they stayed.

After I left Montana for GP she has been doing some good work with with the congregation.  And after about two years of discernment between her, the congregation and the bishop, she is being ordained to the priesthood on Saturday.  So we came back.

And this trip reminded me of this.  Enjoy.


Lady Anne | 8:05 PM, July 23, 2015  

A very nice song, and beautiful scenery. It reminds me a lot of Yosemite and Yellowstone.

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