Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Mrs. Ref and I are back home from out trip to Montana, and it was glorious!

We arrived in a rainstorm, but that cleared up the next day and we had daytime temps in the upper '70's to low '80's up until the day we left, when it began to rain again.

We spent Thursday in town seeing a bunch of old friends and getting excited about the many improvements the town has done in our absence -- new curbs and drains, streetlights, lined parking spaces, water meters and other stuff.

And speaking of improvements . . . the former parish replaced the gold-yellow-brown indoor-outdoor carpet with a lovely deep-maroon (wine) carpet, lowered the altar so supply priests will quit falling off the step, re-tiled the parish hall, installed two new stoves and a refrigerator, installed a new back door, painted, carpeted the office and installed a lovely new door giving a clear view into the office.

Friday we had the rehearsal and Saturday was the ordination.  It was spectacular, with about 120-130 people attending.  There were thirteen clergy there, and I would have to say that, other than a bishop's ordination, this was the biggest and most joyful crowd at an ordination that I've ever seen.  And the feast afterward was just as wonderful.

Sunday I concelebrated with the new priest and enjoyed worshiping and being with the former congregation that could.

Like I said, it was a fantabulously wonderful trip and I am glad I got to be there for the celebration.


Lady Anne | 4:18 PM, July 28, 2015  

Supply priests. My dad always said stepping into a strange pulpit was like going on a first date. You never knew exactly where to put your hands.

Glad you had a glorious time.

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