Friday, August 21, 2015

Top Not Top Ten Comment

It's Friday, that means that ESPN does their Not Top Ten plays of the week.  These are almost always humorous, tend to show the lighter side of sports, and remind us that even players at the elite levels can look like any other Saturday afternoon hack.  And, as with anything on ESPN, these are run multiple times throughout the day.

The plays today featured a video of Seahawks coach Pete Carroll getting run over by an official during a preseason game:

The first time I saw it, the announcer said, "The ref's gotta look where he's going there."  Um . . . NO!!  Pete was in the white where coaches and players are not allowed.  The second time I saw it, a different announcer said, "The Hawks need a get-back coach."  Now that's more like it.  Players and coaches DO NOT belong in the white.  If you are and we run into you, it's a foul -- 15 yards in high school.

Football season is here.  Let's remember where everybody belongs.


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