Thursday, August 20, 2015


I'm officiating at the funeral of a (yet another) long-time parishioner on Saturday.  She was days away from her 97th birthday and died roughly six months after her brother.  His death hit her hard, and she deteriorated quickly after that.  She had quite the life, did well financially, never wanted to be recognized for either her money or her charity and was a red-headed spitfire until the end.  I remember one visit I paid to her shortly before her death when she was giving the staff hell.  I gave her a stern talking to and that took care of that.

The funeral is Saturday.  The place will be packed and I pray I preside over the service in a way that the family finds meaningful.

May her soul, and the souls of all the departed, rest in peace.


Lady Anne | 3:54 PM, August 21, 2015  

It's not easy to preside over the funeral of an old friend, and it never gets any easier. At least the BCP eases most of the process. Lord deliver me from a god ol' Southern Baptist funeral!

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