Monday, March 14, 2016

Must be the hat

I tend to wear hats when I'm out and about.  Among other things, I don't have to carry an umbrella.

But apparently if you add a hat, either cowboy or fedora, to an ordinary pair of slacks, shirt, and sport coat, something drastic happens.

Today was now the third time in a short while that some random female has commented on my attire.

As I was coming out of the rehab center where I have a couple of people I was visiting, a woman was going in and said, "Are you a priest?"


"Have you seen John Smith today?"

"Um . . . no, I don't know him."

"You aren't with the Catholic Church?"

"No, I'm with the Episcopal Church."

"Oh . . . well I must say that you are looking very dapper in your priestliness."

"Thank you."


Lady Anne | 7:21 PM, March 17, 2016  

What were you wearing, you dapper little rascal? A derby?

Reverend Ref + | 8:15 PM, March 17, 2016  

No, no derby. Something a little like this:

Lady Anne | 6:50 AM, March 18, 2016  

Nice. I like that. The only hat The Squire has must have belonged to Gabby Hayes at some point. I won't let him out of the yard when he's wearing it.

Lady Anne | 8:54 PM, March 18, 2016  

Now you need a pipe to go with it. Not a cigar or cigarettes, but a pipe. Heck, you don't even have to smoke it; just carry it around.

Reverend Ref + | 11:05 AM, March 19, 2016  

If I did that, I'd need a tweed jacket with those elbow pads . . . I'm not ready to go there.

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