Monday, October 24, 2016


We hath arrived in H-town and the unpacking has commenced.  I am now in my office in the space between "organizing" and "destruction." 

While putting my things away, I came across a book entitled "Parishes of the Diocese of Maryland."  Being a little curious, I turned to my new parish to see what it had to say.

It was set apart as its own parish in 1806 and the present boundaries are as follows:

Beginning at the mouth of Licking Creek on the Potomac and following Licking Creek to the Pennsylvania line, thence eastward along the Pennsylvania line to the intersection of the Frederick County line at South Mountain, thence south with the crest of the South Mountain being the Frederick-Washington County line to the Funkstown and Smoketown Turnpike, thence following the line of Antietam Parish westward, i.e., following the Funkstown and Smoketown Turnpike northwestwardly to Beaver Creek, thence with Beaver Creek to a road leading to Roxbury Mills, thence with the said road to the Hagerstown and Sharpstown Turnpike, thence southerly with the said turnpike to Lapan's Cross Roads; thence westwardly with the Williamsport Road to the crossing of the Cumberland Valley Railroad, thence with the said railroad to the Potomac, thence with the Potomac to Licking Creek, the place of beginning.

No wonder I get lost easily.

My favorite part of that whole description is:  then with Beaver Creek to a road leading to Roxbury Mills.  Don't worry ... just pick a road.  It's all good.


Lady Anne | 10:16 AM, October 25, 2016  

Hmm. I winder what it says about St. John's, Kingsville. (That would have been us until 1965; you know who we are now.)

Reverend Ref + | 4:22 PM, October 25, 2016  

Since you asked . . .

Beginning at the mouth of the Middle River, and following the said river to its head at Middle River Station on the Pennsylvania Rail Road, thence by a straight line to the South eastern point of St. Thomas' Parish on the Old Court Road where it intersects the Old Harford Road; thence following the line of St. Thomas' Parish by the Old Harford Road to Cromwell's Bridge; thence by the Gunpowder to Meredith's Bridge; thence following the line of Sherwood Parish by the Old York Road northerly to a place known as Sunnybrook where the Jarrettsville Road diverges from the Old York Road; thence by a straight line to Bynum's Run Station on the Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad; thence following the course of Bynum's Run and Bush River to the Chesapeake and so to the beginning.

Lady Anne | 5:50 PM, October 25, 2016  

Boy! I live here and that still got me lost. And the Ma and Pa Railroad has been out of business August of 1954.

spookyrach | 3:25 PM, November 01, 2016  

Holy Moly!!

Your parish has existed for over one hundred years longer than town I live in has! Those descriptions are...well...dang.

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