Wednesday, December 07, 2016


Had a dream early this morning (in the neighborhood of 4:30 or 5:00) that had me out of sorts for a bit until I realized it was a dream.

I invited a friend to preach here at my new gig.  Just before service the head of my altar guild came to me and said, "He changed everything."

So two minutes before service started, we had to move everything -- chalice, paten, pall, corporal, cruets, lavabo towel & bowl, bread .... everything -- back to where it belonged in preparation for Eucharist.

As we were moving everything back into place, my friend and guest preacher was walking down the center aisle wearing my cope.

The real kicker though was that it was the members of my former altar guild who were working extremely fast, diligently, and accurately to get everything back in order.

Thankfully dreams are very rarely manifested in real life.


spookyrach | 2:55 PM, December 08, 2016  

Soooooo many words I had to google.

You know, when I was a Baptist, I never had to look stuff up.


(Why don't they just call it a cape and be done with it? hahaha!)

Reverend Ref + | 4:46 PM, December 08, 2016  

Yes, but now you're Episcopalian and you need to know these things.

And, not to be liturgically snarky .... well, okay, just a little ..... when you were a Baptist, other than the pulpit, is there anything in a Baptist church with an actual name?

spookyrach | 2:15 PM, December 12, 2016  


That is such a good point...Hmm...

Communion table, occasionally. Fellowship hall. Mrs. Johnson's pew...

Reverend Ref + | 3:40 PM, December 12, 2016  

Oh Lordy yes . . . Mrs. Johnson's pew. When we were in seminary my in-laws came to visit. We took them to the church we had landed at -- it was a typical, large, Episcopal parish, but it was also untypically friendly, welcoming, and inclusive. It was a great place to be and a great support to us during that time. Anyway . . . we took our parents to Sunday service. We arrived early and found a place for the three of us plus the two in-laws. Shortly after we were seated, Mrs. Johnson approached the pew and, with her cane pointed at my f-i-l, announced, "You are in my pew."

I don't remember if we moved or if she conceded it for one Sunday, but my in-laws couldn't believe this was the "friendly, welcoming, and inclusive" parish we told them about.

spookyrach | 9:48 PM, December 12, 2016  

Omnipotent or not, there are some things even God can't fix. Mrs. Johnson is one of 'em. :D

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