Thursday, January 05, 2017

The First

Well, it had to happen sometime.  Someone, and something, had to make the first official complaint of my tenure at SJP, and it came today.

A parishioner made a complaint via our website wanting to know who was responsible for the change in the Sunday bulletin.  Um ... that would be me.

The bulletins are apparently now too difficult to follow, things mixed up and missing, and information too hard to find.  In general, they want to go back to the "all-in-one" bulletin where everything .... EVERYTHING ... copies of all the hymns, copies of every word of every prayer in the BCP and whatever all else deemed necessary to function .... was printed out in the bulletin.

You know, not everything's supposed to be easy.

But I invited them into the office to go over it to help get them unconfused and more comfortable with the new format.  They are looking forward to coming in and showing me how it can be fixed.

Thank you for your input.  Have a good day.


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