Sunday, March 19, 2017

7 from Venus

Just a quick between services post:

During the 8 a.m. service I noticed a new person in the congregation.  She had that "just in off the streets" look about her.

After service I introduced myself to her.  She informed me that her name was 7, and she was from the planet Venus who came here, with the rest of her people, before Venus falls into the black hole, like Mercury before it.  When that happens, then she will go to the planet Jerusalem where she will be the first to enter the heavenly gates of the new city.

Then she offered me her hand and, in a regal manner, instructed me to kiss her ring as a show of divine respect.

That was followed by a dissertation on how someone was playing subliminal messages that where destroying her body, beginning at her wrist and would I please pray for an end to this.

Just another day.


spookyrach | 1:29 PM, March 19, 2017  

Did you kiss the ring? Pleeeeeeeeeze tell me you did! hahaha!

Reverend Ref + | 7:27 PM, March 19, 2017  

No, I did not kiss the ring.

I did, however, pray that those subliminal messages would have no effect.

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