Sunday, July 02, 2017

The Show Must Go On

Yesterday up at 0400 in order to meet our friends at the designated carpool site by 0530 to drive to Baltimore to catch a 0730 bus to NYC.

Spent the day in NYC visiting Trinity Church, the 9/11 memorial, caught a showing of "Kinky Boots," had a late lunch at a Mexican place (good food, slow service), walked through a bit of Times Square, walked down to where we would catch the bus home, walked back to a diner for dessert (dessert was okay, service was slow, bathrooms were disgusting), walked back to catch the 8 p.m. bus to Baltimore, arrived at 11:30, drove back to the designated carpool site, dropped friends off, drove home, brushed teeth, into bed at 1:40 a.m.

Up at 0600 in order to get ready for Sunday.

Mrs. Ref is staying home for this one.

There is a L--O--N--G nap coming in about 6 hours.


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