Tuesday, January 13, 2004


Today was my first day of field ed. Kind of boring actually. Worked on my sermon a little, did a practice run (13 min, not a bad Sunday length -- unless you're a Baptist), worked on Children's Chapel, had to find a replacement for this Sunday, chatted with the rector for a bit. It'll get moving soon though.

I also sent the requisite forms back to my home parish and diocesan office. These forms are required if you want to continue on the ordination path. Found out from my rector that he met Trevor, my theology prof here at SWTS. Wonder how that happened? Trevor? Trevor?? {**Note to Trevor: Is there a reason I'm not allowed to post comments on your blog??**}

I also need to coordinate the parish calendar with the family calendar -- apparently the biggest skill a rector needs to develop as I drag my family into this.

What else . . . Oh, if you are a really big NCAA BB fan you can catch my Zags on ESPN2 this coming Saturday, 1/17 at 11 ET, 10 CT, 9 MT & 8 PT. I would, but that's WAY past my bedtime, especially when I have church in the morning. Tripp might want to catch this so he can see what hockey in Spokane looks like. Kidding. If you really want to know what hockey in Spokane looks like, go here.

And after thinking about posting sermons, I too will jump off that cliff like the rest of the clerical lemmings and post mine after I deliver it. Look for it this coming Sunday between football games.



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