Monday, January 12, 2004


So, the GOE is a faint memory of an intensely bad dream which I can't remember all of the details. And just like you wake up in a fog, trying to remember where or why you are here, fumbling for the light switch that has somehow moved from the left wall to the right, I am slowly removing the cobwebs from my head.

Today my list includes laundry, the bank, returning a book that NU thinks is overdue, purchasing a required book for my field ed (who knew??), and dishes. Just a day in the life of your average clergy-to-be househusband. Oh, and I think I might get some reading-for-enjoyment in. Something that hasn't happened in a very long time.

Tomorrow my field ed starts in earnest. I think I'll wear clericals with that black stripe down the middle of the collar so that I can get used to being made fun of before I actually have to wear it for real.

My mother in-law called yesterday. Wanted to know how the exam went. I said fine, except for the Caroline Divine thing. She said, "The what??" I told her to read about it here, it would take too long to explain over the phone. And the doc that my wife works for/with wanted to see my questions. He's RC, so I KNOW he doesn't have a clue about them (probably doesn't know much about the history of Anglicanism either).

I also went and bought new shoes yesterday. My definition of hell: eternal shoe shopping. But I came out with two pairs and still married; I'd call that a successful trip.

So now I'm off to accomplish my list. For those back in class, enjoy the term.



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