Wednesday, January 14, 2004


Today my larger field ed group met. We apparently do this on a regular basis. The students meet every week, and every other week we spend time with our field ed supervisors. It didn't occur to me until today, but our group includes me, Tripp and Heather -- the original Class Trivenors (or Triumvirate as we came to be known). I find it oddly appropriate that the three of us, who started our seminary career together, are now in a position to end it together. (Yes, I realize that we still have another term to go, but let me wax eloquently here.) So much has happened and so much to come, it's good to be together again in the end.

Basically we ask questions (that we submitted earlier and are randomly pulled out of a hat by the clergy supervisor) of experienced clergy so that we can (hopefully) gain some knowledge of what it's really like to be clergy. Everything from housing issues to the Anglican schism to organizing retreats were covered. And how funny was it that one of the two Baptist ministers got the question about what it means to wear a collar!!

The next group meeting will be at the church I'm working at, so I'm in charge of pulling together lunch for the group. Let's see -- lunch for this, planning the Matriculation dinner, planning the Easter brunch, working on the dinner for last year's Boar's Head -- my God, I'm not a priest I'm a clerical caterer!!!!

Tonight is a meeting of the planning group for the parish's winter weekend. So I'm going to that. Part of what I'm doing in field ed is attending every meeting to get a feel for how this parish runs. Not too exciting, but my practical brain says that I'll need to have that in my memory banks if/when I end up in a parish.

Finally, when I got home earlier this evening I noticed a big mess in the kitchen. For those of you who have been in the apartment recently, bigger than normal. By some miraculous intervention, we now have hot water pressure in the kitchen sink. This is cause for great joy. Although my neighbor came by and said that her's had basically disappeared. I told her she could have it back after we moved out.



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