Wednesday, January 28, 2004


I received an e-mail yesterday from that parish out west. You know the saga: resume sent; resume returned; called church; given contact phone number; wrong phone number; did a search; called contact; got new e-mail; e-mail returned; fixed problem; re-sent e-mail with resume attachments. That, in a nutshell, is my first dip into searching for a job.

Now that you're caught up -- I received an e-mail from the search committee chairman. He said that he did receive the e-mail and was able to download the attachments and he will present my letter, resume and references to the search committee at their meeting next week.

People have asked if I'm excited about this whole thing. Well, not really. It's way too early to be excited. I'm happy that they finally got my resume; but they could very easily say, "Thanks, but we're looking for someone with at least some parish experience." If they contact me and say, "Let's talk," that excitement/terrified feeling will probably increase.



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