Monday, February 23, 2004


Someone mentioned we (seniors) have 14 weeks left at SWTS. That's a scary thought. Especially since I don't know where I will go after this. If I don't get a job, I may be doing homeless ministry.

This whole "leaving" thing would be much easier to deal with if I had that "job" thing figured out.

Speaking of jobs, BSC should have my resume by now. I'll give them a good two weeks before I pester them about it. I figure it should take about that long to review it, talk with some of the parishes, maybe do a reference check or two. It also reminds me that I'm really not in charge of the outcome.

In an unusual move for a coach, Iowa State's basketball coach admitted that he didn't know a rule. ISU was given two free throws, the first missed, was rebounded by Kansas, who then scored a three point basket. Then ISU was given the ball to shoot the 2nd free throw. Sounds odd. Sounds like the officials got it wrong. ISU's coach is sending a tape to the Big12 for review. What impressed me was that he didn't blame the officials for the loss, admitted he didn't know the rule, but was more concerned about how ODD that was and wanted to prevent any future bugaboos.

In good news about basketball, my beloved Zags are now ranked 4 in the nation. That means they are on the verge of gaining a #1 seed in the tournament. Wow. Hopefully, come tournament time, they won't let the pressure get to them, play like they've been playing, and make a great showing. In other words, dance with the one that brung ya'. Yeah, they could've gone far last year, but were beaten in the first round by Arizona. That still smarts, but at least it was a great game. Maybe they won't have to say that this year.

And in Christianity Today, there's an interview with Mel Gibson about "The Passion of the Christ." I find it amusing that this strongly conservative Roman is being supported by Evangelicals for a movie that Gibson labels as "Marian." I'm not sure if that is proof that this whole Christian unity thing can work, or if it's poetic justice.

And finally, Girl Scout cookies are in. The Kid "sold" 278 boxes. I use that term sold loosely. I personally think she only sold two dozen, max. The other 254 boxes were based on the cuteness factor. A little young for sex appeal, but it's the same thing. But 278 is 278, and now Mrs. Ref and I have the job of getting them out of our living room.



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